Producing Movies

It’s a been a couple of weeks since I updated the blog, despite lots been going on I just couldn’t find time to write anything up.

Anyhow,  one thing I have been doing is playing with movie producer; I have uploaded my New York effort  but it’s a bit ‘flashy’ for my liking (too much of the Ken Burns effect I think).

I have also been working on the first part of my Egypt movie (with some 800 photos I have had to divide the show into two parts). I want to put it on YouTube but am a bit loath to upload it with the backing music for fear of infringing copywrite laws, as I have used some dowloaded Egyptian music. Apparently you have to get all sorts of permissions to use other’s music. What a pain!

I have also produced a short film of ‘ A Wright’s Xmas’ using the new trailer feature in iMovie and footage shot using my new video camcorder. The family were a bit reluctant to be willing participants but I got sufficient video shots to produce something.

Editing video footage in iMovie is a bit clunky; I would much rather use the Mac software Final Cut Studio, but at over £800 I cannot justify spending that amount. There is an Express version, perhaps I should check that out instead.

I am looking forward to our holiday trip to California in May; hopefully I will take lots of video footage along with photos to produce an Oscar winning movie; or maybe not!

New York Attack

I was saddened to read that New York was once again targetted by someone intent on causing harm to innocent people by leaving a ‘smoking’ vehicle in Times Square this weekend. Luckily a street seller spotted the car and reported it to the authorities, who moved swiftly to make the bomb within safe.

It seems the vehicle was loaded with canisters of propane, gerry cans of fuel and fireworks, which, if detonated, would have caused major injuries and possible loss of life to those that were enjoying this mainly tourist part of the city.

The incident is especially poignant to me as the car was parked directly outside the hotel Tina and I stayed at in March. I know that no-one was hurt on this occasion but having been there recently I know how the people visiting this part of the city would have been wandering around the streets feeling safe, as we did when we were there. I guess that has all changed now.

Hopefully, as reported, the attempted bombing is not linked to a big terrorist organisation and it was a one-off. I also hope they quickly catch the bastard who left it there.

It’s like London but on Speed

We’ve just got back from our weekend away in New York can honestly say we loved the place!

When we first arrived, we were both a bit overwelmed as to how hectic the streets were, with Tina’s observation that ‘It’s like London only on drugs’. Once we got our heads around the hustle & bustle, yellow taxis everywhere and lots people getting on with life in a city, we soon got into the swing of it and managed to keep up!

We tried to cram as much as we could in the five days we were there; seeing the Manhatten skyline from the Rockerfeller Centre was one the highlights, riding around the city on open-top buses, relaxing in a horse-drawn carriage around Central Park as well as hitting many of the shops, including Bloomingdales and Century 21. We also even managed to see a Broadway show, Jersey Boys!

Our hotel was right on Times Square, perfect for getting anywhere within the island, and although we didn’t travel on the subway, we did chance our arm in a yellow cab.

Weather was kind, the first couple of days in the low 20’s, so no need to wear the thermals we took just in case.

Best bargain was the free Statten Island Ferry ride, with great views on Ellis Islands and the Statue of Liberty. Most expensive shopping trip; buying jewellery for Tina from Tiffany’s. Most romantic meal; celebrating our 25th wedding anniversay overlooking Times Square with a bottle of champagne.

Surprise of the weekend was on the transfer bus on the way back to the airport when we met someone who went to the same school as Tina and I and still she lived in Hemel; small world or what!

All in all, it was a great weekend, and we both agreed we would love to go back again one day.

Still processing the many photo’s we took, but here’s one I managed to get from the top of the Rockerfeller Centre.