Father’s Day

20110629-041854.jpgWhat do you get a dad who has everything?

Well from Matt I got a bit of a surprise in the form of a gnome. But it was no ordinary gnome; it was a Watford FC Hornets gnome. It now has pride and place in my study.

From Abby I got something a bit different; a iTunes voucher. And with the iTunes voucher I purchased a copy of the latest version of a application from Apple called Motion 5. This editing software allows you to create special effects for videos. And it is fantastic. It is so flexible you can create some excellent clips to use in your movies. In fact I believe many professionals use a version in conjunction with Final Cut Pro, a high end video editing package.

So armed with iMovie, Motion 5 and a few photos and videos of Tina I remade the classic part of the film in Love Actually where Mark creates a video of his secret love Juliet, played by Keira Knightley.

A bit soppy but a great way to show my newly made titles sequence made in Motion 5 🙂

I did try to upload it with the Eva Cassidy track ‘Songbird’ as that was the song used in the original film but it looks like YouTube’s copyright policy wouldn’t allow it.

So you will just have to hum it instead!

Another trailer to savour…

On to San Francisco and another video. Again I’ve used an iMovie trailer feature which does allow some creativity and produce a different feel than the normal run-of-the-mill home movie.

Ideally it would be good to spend hours and hours on editing shots to produce a blockbuster but it’s not until you start to review the video footage then you realise much of it is of the same views. I guess I need to train myself to think ‘angles’ and ‘closeups’ when filming but I tend to just point and shoot and therefore get poor results.

Anyway here is the first showing…

World Premiere

Following the release of the trailer for the movie ‘A Wright Christmas’ there has been an underwhelming response to the first showing of this potential blockbuster.

Despite this fact, and against the wishes of the participants in the movie, today still sees the world premiere of the festive movie of the last decade (the Director’s words not mine) starring the Wright family.

So sit back and enjoy the full length version of this potential classic.

Producing Movies

It’s a been a couple of weeks since I updated the blog, despite lots been going on I just couldn’t find time to write anything up.

Anyhow,  one thing I have been doing is playing with movie producer; I have uploaded my New York effort  but it’s a bit ‘flashy’ for my liking (too much of the Ken Burns effect I think).

I have also been working on the first part of my Egypt movie (with some 800 photos I have had to divide the show into two parts). I want to put it on YouTube but am a bit loath to upload it with the backing music for fear of infringing copywrite laws, as I have used some dowloaded Egyptian music. Apparently you have to get all sorts of permissions to use other’s music. What a pain!

I have also produced a short film of ‘ A Wright’s Xmas’ using the new trailer feature in iMovie and footage shot using my new video camcorder. The family were a bit reluctant to be willing participants but I got sufficient video shots to produce something.

Editing video footage in iMovie is a bit clunky; I would much rather use the Mac software Final Cut Studio, but at over £800 I cannot justify spending that amount. There is an Express version, perhaps I should check that out instead.

I am looking forward to our holiday trip to California in May; hopefully I will take lots of video footage along with photos to produce an Oscar winning movie; or maybe not!

iMovie Trailers

Ooh I been having fun with my new iMac this week whilst I’ve been on holiday.

Yesterday the upgrade version of iMovie, part of the iLife suite of applications, arrived in the post  (I missed getting a free upgrade by a week or so)  and I been playing with some of the new features. One of them is the ability to make personalised movie trailers using whatever video you have available. Now as I don’t yet own a video recorder other than the one on my iPhone, I ripped some from a DVD of Abby when she was a baby. Anyhow, I have also worked out how to upload videos to You Tube and so decided to add this one I made today. As you can see I have also worked out how to imbed video into my blogs too.

Just to balance it out I’ve done one of Matt too.

Not quite Spielberg standards but I’m quite impressed with the feature even though it’s a bit gimmicky.

I am now looking for a reasonable quality HD video camera so I can start to produce so decent videos, especially when we go to California next year.