A hint of what’s to come…

It was never my intention to write a blog whilst we were away on what would just be a straight forward, sit by the pool getting sunburnt and eating lots and lots type of holiday. But after the first couple of days I felt the need to start scribbling (or I should say typing out on my iPad) the events of the time away from home. Moving between room, dining hall, pool, room and bar doesn’t really sound particularly interesting but it is a journal which I’ll share them with you.

Initially I thought I’d do a hotel review but in the end it has turned out into a full blown account of what we got up to. And so, assuming we get home so I can sort out the photos and tidy it up a bit for now you will have to make do with the tantalising thought of what’s to come. In the meantime here’s a picture of the North Atlantic on our way to Gran Canaria…


We must be home…


there is a pile of washing in the kitchen
there is a heap of bills on the doormat
there is a garage full of suitcases ready to be stored away
there is a foot of grass waiting to be cut in the garden
there is a load of credit card receipts in my wallet
there is a load of provisions in the fridge after visiting the supermarket
there is a load of photos that need copying from my camera to my pc
there is a load junk e-mails to delete

I think I need to book another holiday!

Passing the time

It’s been a disappointing week weather wise hear in Kent, which has meant I have spent more time in our accommodation than I would have liked to. So thankfully my iPad has come to the rescue and kept me entertained during the heavy rainfall we’ve experienced. Light showers wouldn’t normally stop us from venturing out but the quantity of rain over the last couple of days has been quite restrictive. We did go to Dungeness and got soaked, the adjacent picture showing the rain on the window carriage of the light railway that got us there.

As I’m normally an early bird, I find it difficult to adjust when on holiday, so usually get up and go for a walk on the beach or do some exploring before the family gets up, but this week I’ve not bothered as the weather has been so crap.

Instead I’ve stayed in bed and watched some of the tech video’s I’ve subscribed to and previously downloaded (iPad today, This Week in Tech to name but a few).

Another use of the iPad this week that I haven’t really used before is it as a games machine. Whilst I have many games apps installed, I hadn’t really bothered with them, much preferring to read or watch content rather than play. But due to the additional time sitting around waiting for the weather to improve, I have been playing Scrabble and We Rule, a very addictive social game where you try to build a kingdom by growing food for gold coins which allows you to buy buildings which make more gold coins (sad I know but as I said very addictive once you start).

And the last use of my iPad has been to write this blog using a WordPress app, whilst lying in bed listening more rain outside. Looks like another day of iPadness.

Cruising the Nile

Bags are packed, camera batteries charged & Sky+ checked to ensure the final Lost is set to record and so we’re off on our Nile cruise adventure.

I will admit I’m a little apprehensive; unsure what to expect, unsure whether I will be able to cope with the heat, unsure whether there will be any gluten-free food to eat, but I’m sure things will turn out OK.

I intend to keep a diary of the trip and will publish extracts when I get home, assuming we have a home with the kids looking after it for a week or so!

Planning for Egypt

Well we’ve only gone and done it and booked for a Nile cruise in May!

This will be our first visit away from Europe (excepting USA of course) which means a few extra things we need to consider, one of which is vaccinations. It seems that Egypt is in Africa and therefore has lots of nasty things you can catch and so over the coming month or so we will need to visit our GP practice nurse for some injections. Ouch!

Apparently we will need to have vaccinations for Typhoid, Diphtheria, Heptatitus A and also have Tetanus and Polio boosters. I know we’re going for a cruise on the Nile but I have no intention of drinking the river water!

Thankfully Malaria is not rife in Eygpt so at least we don’t have to worry about that one though!