Family Fun

The photo below was taken in the in the late sixties or early seventies and is of my brother Alan, sister Lesley and of course me when we were mere nippers. It has pride of place in my dad’s living room and is a reminder of how we once were.


Anyhow, after a boozy evening we decided it would be a good idea to try to recreate it forty five years later.


After a couple of false starts, we finally managed to get the same expressions, although I think mine was a little too serious!

Being Graham Wright…5th year anniversary

189I’ve not checked my Google status since this time last year (it’s not something I do every week) and so I thought I’d do a quick update. When I stuck my name in I struggled to find it in the top 20 (the highest last year was 11th place) and in fact I didn’t find any reference to my web presence until page 18 of the search results (189th). Very disappointing.

There has been movement at the top too with last years no 28 now in the top position (he’s the Director of Intelligence Systems and Cyber Security NGC Ltd) with the BBC Derby radio presenter relegated to 5th place.  A new entry into the top 10 is Graham Wright, photographer at 7th place. I clicked on his site and was very impressed by his wildlife photos and am jealous of him web address which is

More pleasing was when I googled my name with my middle name initial (Graham K Wright), where I got the top spot. In fact I got the top 6 hits and it’s all due to the Interactive Space Book I put together for the iPad last year. The hits take you to iTunes where you can download my book, as well as the California and Nevada Travel Journal. I recently checked the download count for the space book and it’s now at +30,000, which is not bad for 11 months.

I am considering writing another book but at present am struggling to think of a subject that I could research which would be received as well as the interactive book.

Maybe I should write about being Graham Wright…well maybe not!

Being Graham Wright update on the update

In 2009, in the original post about googling my name, I wasn’t able to see any reference to me personally below the top 200 searches, so I mainly discussed the other Graham Wright’s around at the time.

Things improved in 2010 when I ran an updated post for the February blogathon where I was amazed to report that my web presence had significantly improved to a point where out of 1.8 Million references to my name , I came in at the 15th in the search engine, courtesy of my Twitter account. And my blog was at 233.

And so to this year, still scratching around for blog-fillers,  I tentatively entered my name in the search bar and was shocked, no that’s a bit too a bit strong word, disappointed, more like, to find that the highest ranking I could find me residing was at number 44. What is ironic though is that it is last years blog ‘Being Graham Wright Update’ that is the one that gets me to that position. My Twitter position has also dropped down to number 49. Still the number of references to Graham Wright has significantly increased to over 2.75 million, so I shouldn’t really be disappointed by where I sit.

And the Graham Wright that gets the top spot hasn’t changed, it’s still Graham Wright, the Leicester Sound radio presenter. Well done Graham!

New domain & it’s personal

Okay so it’s a bit indulgent but I couldn’t let anyone else have it could I? I am talking about a new domain name that I registered yesterday. It seems the in-thing is to have a .me domain and so I checked my name and sure enough it was free.

And so for seven quid I now own (well I say £7 when actually it’s cost me £57 as reg-123 have charged me for a site I no longer look after when I paid for the new domain).

Not sure what I’m going to do with it as the registration doesn’t come with hosting or e-mail and so for the moment it is pointing to this blog only.