The Big 30

weddingToday Tina and I have reached the milestone of being married for thirty years!

Normally we don’t do anniversary cards or prezzies, but this year (as its a special one) I surprised Tina with a card I had ordered with photo of a moment during our holiday in Australia. I also gave her a silver necklace with a pearl on the end; pearl being the gift for thirty years of course!

Today we have a double celebration too, with the family getting together later, as it’s also my dad’s 74th birthday  (Happy Birthday dad!). This is particularly poignant as, after his accident forty years ago, doctors only gave him a life expectancy of 65!

We think he’ll outlive us all though 🙂

IMG_1448Anyhow, back to the anniversary, I had a quick look at the statistics of marriages and surprisingly 42% of all marriages end in divorce but by the time you reach thirty years the chance of divorce by the next anniversary is below 1%.

Looks like that option is unlikely then!

Over recent months Tina and I have been discussing how we’ve managed to stick together for so long and we both have come to the same conclusion that our marriage is based on the T word…Tolerance

And of course love xx

50 not out!

happy_birthdayToday is a big milestone in my life; namely I’ve reached my half century!

No major celebrations planned so instead Tina and I are off to London as the kids have bought me a Virgin Experience. And before you wonder why Tina would want to accompany me whilst I spend the day with a seventeen year old virgin, I should explain that the present is a trip up The Shard followed by a meal at Marco Pierre White’s Steak and Alehouse.

As usual, things have conspired to try to spoil the day; the weather forecast is not ideal for skyscraper viewing and the rail unions appear to be intent on holding their second tube strike this evening. But we’ll make the most of it and try to have a great time and Tina may even buy me a prezzie too!


Happy birthday son where ever you are…

For the first time since Matt was born it is unlikely we will see him on his birthday, which is today by the way. Traditionally we’ve always done something together as a family whether it be a party when he was a child, bowling or cinema in his teens or in recent years a meal at a restaurant. But this year he decided to spend his last night as a teenager in London with his mates. But when I say London I actually meant Croydon as he travelled down to stay close to the Crystal Palace Football Club ground as Watford are playing there later today. And they stayed in a Travel Lodge and didn’t arrive until late due to very heavy Friday night traffic. It sounded like they intended to go nightclubbing but Tina got a text just as we went to bed saying he’d forgotten his black shoes so probably wouldn’t get in anywhere anyway.

Matt is due back later tonight, but we are out this evening so we’ve postponed any birthday celebrations until tomorrow, including the opening of cards and prezzies. We’ve also booked a table at the local pub for some Sunday lunch so at least he will be able to have a drink with us.

So that’s it; officially we are now no longer parents of teenagers, I’m starting to feel old all of a sudden!



The 11th of February is the 42nd day of the gregorian calendar.

On this day…

in 1963 The Beatles recorded their first album ‘Please Please Me’ at Abbey Road studios.

in 1956 Burgess and Maclean surfaced in Moscow confirming fears that they had been spying for the Soviet Union.

in 1975 the Conservative Party elected its first woman leader, Margaret Thatcher, who later went on to become Britain’s first woman Prime Minister.

in 1990 Nelson Mandela was released from prison after 27 years.

Not a lot else except…oh yeah I was born on this day in 1964!

Happy Birthday to…

Jennifer Aniston – American Actress

Sarah Palin – Governor of Alaska

Burt Reynolds – American Actor

Sheryl Crow – American Singer

Mary Quant – British Fashion Designer

Eva Gabor – Hungarian-born Actress

Ayah bint Al Faisal – Princess of Jordan

And of course little old me 🙂