Day 9

Monday 31st May 2010 – Luxor to Thrapston

Woke up at 6pm, the last of our holiday in Egypt. Re-read yesterday’s diary and made some alterations. Noticed that I seem to swap between tenses quite a lot; not sure whether I should write in present or past, I will have to check it when I get home. I have enjoyed keeping a diary, it will help to remind me of the trip and remember what the photos were of.
Up to breakfast and an omelette and cheese. Decided to give the omelette man £20EP for looking after me this week.
Whilst drinking my coffee suddenly got a churning feeling in my stomach and so had to get back to the cabin pronto. And I’m glad I did as Pharaohs revenge took hold. Typical on the day home where toilet facilities are going to be scarce.
We packed the cases and I took a couple of Imodium to try to ‘stem the flow’, it could be a long day. We have to leave the cabin at 12 noon and check out so we have the morning to kill. I don’t think I’ll be going far in my present condition.

Boat shuffling

Tina left me in the cabin to lie down and went upstairs for a while. Another bout on the loo (now the third in an hour), I think I can say I’ve got what Tina had.
Went upstairs on the sundeck for a while but there was no breeze so we came and sat in the lounge.

We watched the boats juggling around for position on the dock; out boat sat in the middle of the Nile waiting for others to move out of the way.
At about the same time our boat starting moving again; this time to let another boat out. Once again chaos reigned as boats went backwards and forwards to line up the remaining ones back up again.
We went down and sat in the lounge for a while then went back to our cabin to remove our cases.
Lunch bell at 1pm but I decided to skip it due to my delicate stomach. Catherine and Santosh were also late as they got stuck off the boat whilst it was moving around.
We said our goodbyes to the waiters and Sabry before going up on the top deck for the last time. Tina then got the text that as a parent you don’t want to hear…can you ring me urgently (from Abby). Tina managed to get through to her and she said that she had an x-ray on her wrist and it was fractured. She will be in plaster for two weeks. Then the credit on Tina’s phone ran out so I called her and found out that Nick and Rebecca are going to pick her and her car up from hospital.

Final gathering of the table

I took a final photo of the dining table group before moving down to the cooler reception.
Not sure what is going to happen about Abby as she will now miss two weeks placement and two exams. Not good timing.

The boat finally re-docked just in time for us to disembark for the last time.
We left for the airport quite promptly and arrived thirty minutes later. There was a bit of a queue at security but we offloaded our cases straight away and went through to the departure lounge where we met up with the others.
At 4pm our flight boarding was called and we moved through to the second departure lounge. The plane was due to take off at 5.50pm but actually took off 20 minutes early.
Dinner was served around 5.30pm UK time, I was a bit unsure whether to eat my gluten-free option but I made a go of it. My stomach is now churning a bit but hopefully it will be ok.
Watched a couple of episodes of car pool on my iPhone and soon it was time to land.
We got through passport control fairly quickly and waited by the baggage recovery to collect our cases. The dining table gang all gathered together to say our goodbyes then the cases arrived and we passed through customs without any hitch.

The journey home took about 2.5 hours, stopping off at a service station at Stansted to get a coffee and change drivers (Tina agreed to drive from there as I was feeling very tired).
We arrived home around 12.30am on the 1st June.