Day 17

Sunday 2nd May 1999


At approximately 2am (Florida time) which was 7am BST, the sun rose and the captain announced that we were due to land at 7.57am, and that we were about to fly over ‘Lands End’, following the south coast before the approach to Gatwick Airport.

The decent into the airport seemed to take ages which meant that my ears took a pounding from the change of pressure, and we’d left the ‘sucky sweets’ in the bag above our heads. During the flight, I had developed a full blown cold and my nose hadn’t stopped running throughout the time in the air. I was glad to land!


After getting off the plane we rode the connecting train to the main terminal to collect our cases and go through customs, which we did without delay. We called the ‘Cambridge Hotel’, to arrange a lift back to our car and within five minutes we were flying again with their taxi driver.


We made the journey home via the Dartford Tunnel in under two hours, the kids sleeping in the back, Tina dropping off in the front and jet lag slowly catching up with me.


We were greeted by a very excited Kane, who was obviously pleased to see us and a full house of sitters (Jill and Tim had popped over on their bikes)

We unpacked and handed out prezzies and finally got to bed at 7.30pm, 30 hours after we’d previously got up in Florida, totally exhausted.