Day 15

Friday 30th April 1999


Unfortunately, our final full day in Florida has arrived and with one day remaining on our Disney passes, and the weather looking promising, we intended to make the most of it.

Firstly breakfast as usual at Lucile’s, followed by a call home to congratulate Tina’s mum and dad on their ‘Golden Wedding Anniversary’.

When we ventured out though, the weather was dull and the temperature had dropped considerably.

We decided to return to Magic Kingdom for the first part of the day and end the fortnight with the fireworks and laser show at Epcot.


We parked at the Epcot car park initially and boarded the mono-rail that links it with Magic Kingdom. The first mono-rail was built in 1959, modified in 1972 and the section we were riding on today completed in the 1980’s. There are thirteen miles of track and twenty trains in total.

Magic Kingdom

On the first Sunday we visited this park, Tina had spotted an Eeyore sweatshirt she wanted but they had sold out that evening. Ever since, she has been scouring every Disney store in search of the elusive top. First priority today was to go to the same shop in Magic Kingdom to buy the sweatshirt. Only there was one problem… sweatshop in any of the Disney shops. Disappointingly later she bought a different top at Epcot.

We walked to the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ride, which again was a nice boat ride, then made our way to ‘Tomorrowland’, where we again went on ‘Buzz Lightyear’. My score didn’t improve. We then went on the ‘Sky Train’ which connects ‘Tomorrowland’ with ‘Fantasyland’, and gives you good views over the park.

After having lunch (chicken strips and fries) we gave into Abby’s constant request to go on ‘Space Mountain’, a roller coaster ride in complete darkness.

After having lunch (chicken strips and fries) we gave into Abby’s constant request to go on ‘Space Mountain’, a roller coaster ride in complete darkness. After a 30 minutes queue you finally get in a three seater car and are thrown around the track not knowing when the next bend or dip was coming up. Very good ride but cost me all my change out of my pockets! After that excitement we got back on the monorail and headed for Epcot.


Whether it was the poor weather, home sickness, or just feeling fed up but we were all ratty with each other by this stage and were really just filling in the time before the fireworks show in the evening.
We used Abby’s queue jumping ticket to ride the ‘Test Track’, but this time it didn’t seem as good second time around. At least Abby went on it this time.

Then we visited the ‘Universe of Energy’, a ride through time with dinosaurs and ending up watching a 180 degree cinema screen (now I want one of those!). We once again walked around the ‘World Showcase’ but by this time the temperature was dropping and the next priority was to buy some sweatshirts before we all froze.

At 9pm we were treated to a spectacular laser and fireworks display which was very impressive, but due to the cold I think everyone I think everyone was glad when it ended. As we walked out of the park the large Epcot ball had a projection on it of the world’s continents moving around it, for which I made the silly comment “I wonder how they do that?”, to Matthew’s lightning reply “I don’t know we’ve not been here before!” Smart arse! We made our way with the crowds to the car parks and back towards the hotel. Once again I followed the signs out of the park to the 192, and once again the roads took us the wrong way. Luckily, we now had a good sense of direction and quickly found our way back. We decided that the road signs are in fact wrong!


When we got back to our hotel room there was a message for us to call the reception. They wanted to charge us for an extra night we’d supposedly had. After a conversation with Virgin they verified they’d got it wrong and said we didn’t have to pay after all. With the mood I was in there was no way I was going to pay anyway!.