Day 13

Wednesday 28th April 1999


Today was to a change to the weather we had previously this holiday…….rain!, and boy did we have so later in the day. Breakfast as usual at the hotel restaurant, at least Abby and Matthew will eat something from the choices (sugared doughnuts for the last two days)


We then made our way to Epcot, not quite sure what to expect from this park.

First sight you get on arrival in the worlds third largest car park was the sight of the large silver ball just inside the park entrance.

This is an impressive piece of engineering and it’s not until you get up close you realise how big it is.

We later went on a ride that actually takes you up around the inside on a mini train. Amazing.

First ride attraction we visited was ‘Honey I Shrunk the Audience’ with Eric Idle as the compare of a scientific awards ceremony. 3-D glasses donned, you get snakes coming out of the screen at you and mice crawling around your feet (really jets of air squirted from the seats in front but very effective). Once again Tina didn’t see the 3-D vision.

We then visited ‘The Land’ and ‘The Living Seas’ exhibitions. When we came out there had been a rain shower, the first of our holiday and we’d missed it.

Matthew and I then went and tested a new car on the ‘Test Track’, a ride in a simulated test car which throws you around a track at what seems very fast speeds, although only turned out to be 64 mph. Abby missed this ride because she said she didn’t want to go on it. Apparently she then changed her mind and cried until we both had finished. Some Disney man felt pity on her and gave her a queue jumping pass but unfortunately when we went back later the ride had temporarily closed. Serves her right.

After visiting the ‘Innoventions’ section, which housed all sorts of computer and Sega games we decided to have lunch at the ‘Garden Grill’ restaurant, a Disney character dining place, where the kids had their photos taken with ‘Chip’, ‘Pluto’ and yes, ‘Mickey Mouse’.

We then walked around the various ‘World Showcases’ set in different countries including Canada, United Kingdom, China, and others. The Mexican area had a boat ride which we went on.

We moved onto the ‘Wonders of Life’ building and rode the ‘Body Wars’ experience, another simulated ride in which you follow someone into blood vessels and the brain. Weird!!

Once again when we left this building it was raining again. I suppose we were due some at some point. Suddenly, we started seeing all the yellow ‘Disney Poncho’s’ appearing worn by the visiting die-hards. Of course us hardened Brits didn’t bother and we got wet. Unsure of what to do next, we decided to go on the ‘Spaceship Earth’ ride inside the Epcot ball.

The time was now 7pm so we felt as the rain wasn’t likely to ease off we would head back to the hotel. We boarded the tram back to the car when suddenly the heavens opened and we got soaked through trying to find the car with only 10 yards visibility and hundreds to choose from. We then heard on the radio the following “There is a severe weather warning for the Osceola county (where we were staying) a Tornado is due at 7.35pm”. Abby’s face was a picture, and all Matthew could say was “Are Tornado’s like small twisters?”

We managed to get back to the hotel, but not before aqua planning a few times in some deep roadside puddles. I don’t think I see such heavy rain before! I spoke to the gift shop owner later who said that there is more rain forecast for the next day. Great, lets hope it won’t spoil our visit to the ‘Kennedy Space Centre’.



 This pass must be surrendered to the host/hostess at

The entrance in order to board, and is valid only on

TEST TRACK, a minimal wait may be experienced

Upon re-entering the attraction.

 This pass is good for a guest and their party


 Non transferable     No admission                   Non Refundable



 Þ                Sponsor: General Motors

Þ                Vehicle Weight: 4800Lbs

Þ                Engine: 140Hp Electric Motor

Þ                Max Speed: 65mph @ 6000RPM

Þ                0-60mph: 8.8 seconds

Þ                Total Track Length: 5246ft

Þ                High Bank Angle: 52 degrees