Day 12

Tuesday 27th April 1999


Final days use of our 7 day Orlando Flexi-ticket for Seaworld, Universal Studios and Wet N Wild, so we decided to re-visit Wet N Wild in the morning and finish off the day at Universal Studios.

Before all that, once again I was first to rise at 7am, followed an hour or so later by Tina. I don’t know whether the hectic schedule is finally catching up with Abby and Matthew, but they don’t seem to want to get up so early as they did at the start of the holiday.

Shame they don’t lie in at home at a normal weekend.

Wet N Wild

At the water park, the crowds were smaller due to the cloudy weather which enabled us to go on one of the rides Tina and Matthew missed out on due to long queues on previous visits.

Called the ‘Bubbatub’, you sit in a big do-nut shaped thing and go down a large slide. We repeated all the other rides during the morning and afternoon, before a final round the ‘Lazy River’, then changed and off to ‘Universal Studios’

Universal Studios

By this time, the temperature had risen so it was a relief that the first ride we chose again (Back to the Future) had no queue. My stomach has been very tender today, and the bumping of the ride seemed rougher than previously. Matthew braved the ‘Twister’ attraction with Tina, whilst me and Abby went on the ‘Hanna Barbara’ ride. We then ended our visit watching the ‘Dynamite Night Stuntacular’; a show involving boats, lots of guns and explosions filling the scene with bright orange balls of fire, and loud bangs. Abby once again was not impressed and spent most of the show standing well back away from the action. Matthew of course thought it was good.


Back to ‘Sizzlers’ on International Drive to use the cheap steak vouchers a lady we’d met at an earlier visit had given us then it was back to our temporary home to relax watching TV before bed.