Day 10

Sunday 25th April 1999


Well we’ve now passed the half way stage in our holiday, but we’ve done a lot so it seems longer. Today we decided to re-visit ‘Seaworld’ again to see the bits we missed first time round. We re-watched the ‘Shamu Experience’, this time out of the whales’ splashes, right at the top of the stadium. Then we watched a ski show which was very entertaining, and which showed various ways in which you can skid on water (jet ski, two skis, one ski, no ski’s (feet only) and hydro ski (a ski on stilts))

After lunch we then watched a sealion and otter show based around a pirate ship. Again the animals were well trained but not in their normal surroundings so you wonder if their well being is top priority.

Wet N Wild

We decided after this show to leave the park because the sky had clouded over and the air had become very humid, with the odd clap of thunder in the distance. We then went on to Wet N Wild for a couple of hours to cool down.


Off then for dinner to a Ponderosa restaurant which wasn’t bad. We had a very persistent waiter who kept hovering, filling drinks at the slightest sign of the glass being empty, removing plates when nearly finished and bringing handfuls of sweets, clean up towels and toothpicks . I gave him a $5 tip for his trouble. The service in the USA is something else.

On arriving back at our hotel room Tina noticed we hadn’t been left any towels, so a quick walk to reception brought the maintenance man to us bearing a handful of bath linen. Tina stuck a load of washing on to try to keep up with the constant change of clothes due to the hot weather and then to bed early ready for ‘MGM/Disney Studios’ tomorrow.

NB I forgot to mention the worst part of the day at Seaworld…..whilst waiting for Tina to get washed up after the usual creaming session, I was crapped upon from a great height by a bird of some kind over my knee and my new Reeboks!! Tina nearly wet herself laughing and said that it was supposed to be lucky. Some luck!!