Day 8

Friday 23rd April 1999


During the last couple of days the temperature has been steadily climbing and today it was to peak at the highest we’ve seen this week. As soon as we woke up the air conditioning in the room was switched on as it was rather warm already. We decided that we would return to the breakfast’s we’re used to at the hotel, and Julie, who by now was starting to get our orders right.

Universal Studios

Once we’d eaten it was then off to Universal Studios to see they had to offer.

It seems that all the theme parks are well organised when it comes to parking, and this one was no exception.

The car also kept cool as it was a multi-story that was only a quarter full.

We, as usual, signed in at the gate and headed for the nearest attraction, after of course the restrooms and creaming ceremony.

We walked into the ‘T2 Terminator’ show but then had second thoughts when we saw it was a PG (13 years and above).

Matthews talking at night is bad enough without nightmares as well. Next we rode the ‘ET Experience’ ride very well done and good models.

At the end of the ride ET actually said Goodbye Abigail, Graham, Matthew and Tina!

By this time the temperature was rising and the air was quite stuffy so we immediately queued for the ‘Back to the Future’ ride.

Whilst in line we got the usual questions from Abby and Matthew we’d had from them from all the rides we’ve been on “What happens on this ride” to the usual response “I don’t know we’ve not been on it before”.

They might learn by the end of the holiday!

Anyway, the ride was excellent, and we all said we would ride it again before the holidays out.

‘Jaws’ was the next attraction and Abby’s face throughout the boat trip was a picture, especially at the wreck of the previous boat ride (Abby didn’t like boat rides before, and now I don’t think she’ll set foot on another one again).

A face of terror was shown when Jaws actually came out to eat us from the lake. “I don’t want to go on that again” she exclaimed.

Another ride was the making of the film ‘Earthquake’ in which you sit on an underground train which is subjected to an earth tremor.

The effects were brilliant, but once again Abby looked terrified as it seemed so real. We tried to reassure her that it wasn’t really happening but she wasn’t convinced.

Are we really cruel parents to put her through these experiences?

I really fancied going on the latest attraction in the park ‘Twister’ but no-one else wanted to.

So I went on my own, and it was well worth it and the special effects were again exceptional.

We finished off the afternoon watching the ‘Wild Wild Wild West Stunt Show’ which the kids thoroughly enjoyed and is probably worth seeing again.





After that it was back to the hotel and then out for a KFC. This I thought would be an easy meal to order but we managed to confuse ourselves and the boy behind the counter. You get lots of side order options, but can change them for any combinations. Good idea but confusing to us Brits used to getting nothing extra without paying for it.

We then drove a couple of hundred yards up the road to a place called ‘Old Town’ with lots of shops and music and a good atmosphere.

Finally, we went back to the hotel and were asleep by 10.30pm.

As I said at the start of the day this was by far the hottest day of the week and the temperature gauge actually reached 100 degrees F at approximately 5pm whilst we were entering a factory outlet mall for more clothes for me.