Day 6

Wednesday 21st April 1999


“Daddy take it, Daddy take it” that’s what Matthew kept saying during the night. Tina’s reply was “Quiet Matthew”.

Off to Seaworld today after another breakfast at our hotel. We’ve now been served twice by a waitress called Julie, who doesn’t listen. Maybe by the end of the two weeks she’ll get the order right. Very polite though always saying “Have a nice day!” when we leave.

On the way to Seaworld we had to stop to fill the car with petrol which cost $17 for 15 gallons.


We arrived at Seaworld and immediately carried out the creaming ritual, a regular item on the agenda of the day, to prevent us all from getting burnt.

Firstly we visited the ‘Shamu Experience’ the worlds biggest water tank which holds 5-6 killer whales.

We got to the stadium early to get a good view and sat in the ‘splash zone’ an area at the front that whales like to get you wet.

At about 15 minutes prior to the show starting, they ran a quiz using the great big screens behind the tank and TV cameras pointing at the crowd. Questions were then asked and you could become a star in front of all those people.

The ‘Shamu Experience’ was brilliant and it amazes me how you can teach 1000’s of pounds of blubber to leap out of a pool and splash hundreds of spectators.

I finished a film during the show so at the end started to put a new one. Tina then elbowed me to look up and then…we were stars on the big video screen, all four of us!!!

We made a quick call to Mum and Dad back home to find the weather there was poor and that all else was OK.

We then went and saw some sharks and other fish very close indeed. Some of them have very large teeth.

After a very generous lunch, boy the Americans do know how to eat, we went and watched the ‘Key West Dolphin ‘ show, very similar to the killer whales on smaller.

Next, and probably the highlight of the holiday so far, Abby and Matthew managed to feed and stroke some dolphins!

An experience I don’t think they’d ever forget.


Finally we saw polar bears in the ice show? and then ended up riding ‘Journey to Atlantis’ in which we all got thoroughly wet, but we all loved the ride, especially the final bit!


After leaving the park we decided to do what we intended to do yesterday evening before getting lost, i.e. driving along the 192 visiting shops and eating. After food we retired back to our hotel room for an early night.