Day 5

Tuesday 20th April 1999


Woke early this morning, and decided to write an itinerary for the remainder of the holiday as we had so many places to visit during our time in Florida.

Animal Kingdom

The temperature seemed to be getting warmer now so we bought a few drinks and a rucksack to carry them in and headed for the park. Once in, we made for the central part of the kingdom, the ‘Tree of Life’, a massive what looked like wood but was actually concrete made tree with carved-like animals throughout its trunk. Very effective. Unsure of what to do first, we made for the ‘Harame Village’ and the ‘Kilimanjaro Safari’.

Again, the attention to detail was superb even down to the Disney staff wearing clothes to suit the area. It was at this point I noticed how clean the parks were, and that staff even sweep up popcorn that has been dropped. There are plenty of litter bins dotted around and the restrooms were spotless.

After queuing for the safari for five minutes we were informed that the ride had broken and would take at least one and a half hours to fix, so we moved on to another area. An hour or so later we re-joined the safari queue and 45 minutes later got onto the vehicle for our ride. I thought this ride was fantastic, and well worth the long wait. We saw many animals and the poachers story/theme kept us all amused as well. We then stopped for some lunch at Mc Donalds Restaurantosaurus in ‘Dinoland’, before heading onto a boat ride around the lake. Abby had spotted the ‘Kali River Rapids’ ride and so off we went to queue up. 30 minutes later we got off very wet but thoroughly enjoyed it. We then watched the ‘It’s a bugs life’ 3-D show.

By this time we were all sagging and decided that we’d had enough and went back to the car. The temperature gauge in the car was showing 90 degrees Farenheight.


I decided that it would be a good idea if we headed back to Kissimmee and did a little shopping and found somewhere to eat. So we headed out of Disney. But oh dear I missed our turning. I know I said we’ll go to the next junction and turn round I thought, not so simple though! And all this after I had said earlier how well the roads were sign posted. We were now on the I4 heading west towards Tampa, when Tina spotted a turning for Kissimmee. We drove for about 10-15 miles into nowhere before eventually getting totally lost. After seeking directions at a petrol station and then a pharmacy we eventually got back to the 192 not before Matthew going deathly quiet, Tina panicking, Abby crying and me swearing and cursing. We finally pulled into our hotel, the car indicating ‘low fuel’, mentally exhausted. A 10 minute journey that took one and a half hours. We skipped dinner!