Day 1

Friday 16th April 1999


The holiday officially started at 2pm when all three suitcases were packed in the boot of the car, Abby and Matthew packed in the backseats and Tina and me up front. Off to the airport we went, after saying goodbye to our house-sitters, pet watchers and plant keepers, namely Tina’s mum and dad.

The journey to Gatwick via the Dartford Bridge was suprisingly uneventful and only took two hour, arriving at our hotel for the night.

The Cambridge was on the outskirts of Gatwick and the car could be left there for the duration of the holiday. A meal at the Air Balloon, a Big Steak Pub, was followed by an early night’s sleep. (well nearly, as we were all kept awake by Matthews snuffling)

I woke every hour, on the hour (a little apprehension over the journey ahead I believe).