Day 17

Wednesday 26th November 2014

Hervey Bay

IMG_1727.JPGTime to move on South again, the drive not so far as earlier in the week but still we were to be travelling for most of the day. We got up early and were checked out of the hotel by 8.30am, when we drove to the nearby shopping centre we’d used the previous day. Both still full from the large meals on the night before, we both just had light breakfasts, bought a couple of bits we liked from a gift shop in the centre then drove onwards, not before filling the car with petrol again. We were heading towards Hervey Bay, following the A1 Bruce Highway, our now familiar road and soon were speeding southwards through beef and cane country.

IMG_1738.JPGAt lunchtime, we stopped at a roadside cafe and had a sandwich before progressing towards our destination. During the journey we remarked on how good the Australian roads were, despite a few hold ups due to roadworks, which while inconvenient were strangely a nice way to get a rest, having to await for the ‘lollipop men or women’ to let you through. You certainly wouldn’t get that on the M1. IMG_1730.JPGFor part of the journey we drove parallel to rail tracks and a spotted a couple of trains; one of which was really long and was carrying coal in the same direction was we were travelling. It must have had about 50 or 60 wagons being pulled by three engines.

IMG_1735.JPGEventually we arrived in Hervey Bay and checked into out hotel for the one night we were staying there. The Mantra hotel was on the harbour and our room had a great view of the boats and sea. As we only had limited time at the town, we went straight out after dropping the cases off and grabbed a coffee in a nearby cafe on the harbour side. We then strolled along the the enormous beach, with the tide having gone out and leaving at least a kilometre of sand between the shore and sea. IMG_0678We walked for s couple of hours, taking photos and searching for more shells before heading back to the Mantra. After showering, we went to a nearby restaurant, which was very busy; probably the busiest we’d been to whilst in Australia and enjoyed a very nice, although filling meal. Then back to the room for an early night after not such a busy day, but still tiring.

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