Day 9

Tuesday 18th November 2014

Palm Cove

IMG_0423.JPGWe decided to visit Kuranda again, but this time ride the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, a 7.5km cable car system that travels from Smithfield, near Cairns to the rainforest village we’d been to yesterday. Firstly though we booked our trip to the Great Barrier Reef through the hotel manager, Stephen, who sorted out the arrangements for us.

IMG_0453.JPGWe then drove the short journey to the Skyrail station and parked up, paid for the tickets and boarded the cable car. We stretched to ‘gold’ tickets on the flight up; which afforded us a glass bottomed car allowing for great views of the rain forest canopy. The views of the Cairns region as we rose high above the trees were magnificent, with the coastline stretching out North and South. The trees were ancient and tropical, ferns and other wonderful species and there was plenty of birdsong too, it was such a special place. IMG_0456.JPGThe ride was divided into three sections and at each station you can get out and walk around the rainforest and experience it from ground level. The second station, Barron Falls had a look out point that afforded great views of the waterfall, although it was pretty tame as the rains were yet to arrive. We boarded the car to head for the final stop and this leg gave us great views of the Barron River, which was huge.

IMG_0463.JPGWe arrived at Kuranda and grabbed a drink before doing some more shop browsing and ordering lunch at the same restaurant we ate at yesterday. We then walked back to the Skyrail station and rode it back down, not before I bought a wide-brimmed Australian hat that was made from Kangaroo skin. Very fetching and will be ideal for dog walking, although I’m not sure what Rio will think.

IMG_0468On arrival back at Smithfield we jumped in the car and drove into Cairns for the first time, spending a bit of time at the lagoon, a spot built specifically for everyone to chill out. This area has a large pool, BBQ stations and toilets and is all free. Everyone seemed so chilled out and relaxed, such a nice way to spend an afternoon. But it was hot and seeing as we’d only paid for an hour parking we retuned to the car and drove back to the apartment.
We returned to Cairns later that evening and found a nice seafood restaurant before heading back for an early night, once again exhausted from the days excursions.

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