Day 8

Monday 17th November 2014

Palm Cove

IMG_0391I woke early to the sounds of the tropical dawn; cockatoo and other such birds and thought I’d arrived in heaven it was such a joy to hear. I remained in bed until Tina woke so that we could share the moment of looking out of the apartment window at the view and when we did we knew we had arrived in heaven! Just peeking between the palm trees was the Pacific ocean in all its glory, with its golden sands and almost certainly warm water, we were going to enjoy the next few days. It was still early yet the temperature was high and it was only going to get warmer as the day went on. This is what we’d travelled north for though.

IMG_0404.JPGWe went in search of some provisions as we wanted to eat breakfast in the apartment rather than buy out and used the supermarket next door, pleased that even they stocked gluten free cereals. After eating we checked in at reception, meeting Margaret, one of the managers of the hotel. She gave us some suggestions as to places to visit and advised on who to use for the great barrier reef excursion we planned to undertake whilst in the region.

IMG_0405.JPGBack to the room to gather some things for the day then we went off exploring. We headed for the rainforest village of Kuranda, which was high up in the mountains and had a number of attractions to visit and lots of souvenir shops and restaurants. The road up was pretty winding but as we reached the top we were rewarded by a magnificent view of the Cairns region and of the Coral Sea coastline. We continued upwards and shortly reached Kuranda and parked up.

IMG_0406As it was lunchtime we found a great restaurant that served gf food and I enjoyed a nice lasagne. Afterwards we visited the butterfly attraction, containing hundreds of the native butterflies found in and around the region and rainforests. Lots of filming and photos later we then grabbed a drink, browsed some of the shops before making our way back to the apartment.

After freshening up we revisited the same restaurant as the previous night, staying there until most guests had departed then back for a drink on the balcony.

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