Day 3

Wednesday 12th November 2014


imageOur third day in Australia, and so far we were impressed. The atmosphere was relaxed and people friendly. Of course being in a city, it was full of tourists so we weren’t really getting the true Aussie hospitality yet, but it was great all the same. We found a cafe in CBD (Central Business District we think) and we enjoyed wonderful omelets, mine coming with gf toast, which was great.

imageWe then took a ferry from the quay to Manly, about a half an hour ride across the bay to explore that part of the city, on the recommendation of the waiter from last night’s restaurant. There are a number of ferries that leave from the quay terminus, some do shorter trips to other parts of the harbour and they are a great way to see Sydney. And they’re relatively cheap too.

imageManly beach was very nice, is the ideal spot for learning to surf due to the gentle, but reasonably good waves. The sun decided to join us at that point to. Bondi beach is the more surf-friendly beach for the serious surfers but the guys at Manly seemed to be enjoying themselves too.

imageWe had a walk around some of the tourist shops before stopping for some lunch at a cafe, enjoying a large bowl of nachos which did me for the rest of the day… well until dinner of course:). By this time the temperature had risen considerably so we decided to get back on the ferry and head back to the city.

We had a walk around the very pretty Botanical Gardens before going back to the hotel to freshen up. The restaurant we found tonight was another Italian, with gf Pizza my preferred choice. We then headed off to bed, exhausted for the walking we’d done during the day.

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