Day 1

Monday 10th November 2014


imageIt was really day three of the holiday of a lifetime before we arrived in Sydney but for the purposes of the blog I’ll call it day one. This is of course because traveling half way around the world, literally, means you lose a day in the plane and a day crossing time zones. The flights were surprisingly ok though, the large Qantas Airbus A380 allowed for plenty of leg room to get some sleep.

imageWe arrived in Sydney around 6 am and were soon on our way to the hotel, not before queuing to get through the tough quarantine checkpoint, although we weren’t actually stopped. The taxi ride was an interesting ride, the driver didn’t know where our hotel was; you don’t get that with a London cabbie. Still he got us there eventually. Fortunately when we arrived our hotel room was ready so we were able to unpack before setting off towards central quay to explore. imageWe had a walk around iconic Opera House before grabbing a coffee at the quayside, but tiredness soon caught us up so we returned to the room for a few hours kip.

Mid afternoon and we were back in the land of living so this time we headed for the Sydney Harbour Bridge, crossing it using the footbridge and descending down to the park across the bay. This afforded great views of the city, the bridge and the opera house.

imageBy the time we returned to the south side it was getting dark so we found an Italian restaurant on the quay and ordered some food. The meal was quite expensive, but of good quality. After paying the bill, we walked the short distance back to the hotel and were in bed shortly afterwards. As expected, I failed to get more than a few hours sleep; my body clock still on UK time.

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