It’s almost a week since we arrived back in the UK from our Californian road trip and I’ve not quite caught up with the change in time zones. It’s been a busy week what with going back to work to over four hundred e-mails to wade through (thank goodness for my Blackberry), Â a broken washing machine and washing line to sort and a three day training course to attend in Manchester.

I think two weeks of dirty clothes was the final straw for our Hotpoint machine and rather than try to get it repaired, we agreed to go buy a new one from Curry’s. So Tuesday evening we picked it up and it was soon plumbed in and working hard. The newly purchased washing line was also temporary erected in the garden ready for a more permanent installation this weekend. The training course was really good and I’m glad I decided to stay up in Manchester in a hotel in the end, five hours commuting for three days was just going to kill me.

Anyhow, I thought I’d just do a quick update on our holiday as I have now managed to plot out road trip on a map (courtesy of Google). It’s not until you see how little of the USA you actually can drive in such a short space of time that you realise how big the country is. You could spend months and months over there and still only experience a small amount of what’s there. In total we only drove about 1800 miles as well.

So what was the highlights of the trip?

Well for me it was experiencing the scenery; the Grand Canyon was spectacular and Yosemite National Park was such a beautiful place.

What surprised me?

I really was surprised how I enjoyed Las Vegas; it is a place that unless you see it you really can’t believe a such place could be built. Not so great was San Francisco. Whether it was the colder climate or the high expectation I’m not sure, but neither Tina or I felt it was a place we’d want to return.

The weirdest place by far was Carmel; Tina’s description of it as ‘Creepsville’ really summed it up. Again not a place we will want to go back to.

So where next?

Well actually I have stated that I’m not taking Tina on another plane until she sorts out her fear of flying. She’s resolute that this holiday was not the last one abroad and has vowed to try to get the fear sorted. Anyone know a good hypnotist out there?

If not it looks like I’ll be exploring the USA and beyond on my own in future!

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