Day 15

Friday 27th May 2011

Los Angeles

Had a broken nights sleep, it was quiet enough but just kept waking up. Perhaps it had something to do with the half a bottle of wine I consumed. Tina said I was snoring so I must have been asleep some of the time. Eventually I gave up at 5.30am when my phone rang. I didn’t recognise the number and as it was still very early I didn’t think Tina would appreciate me speaking to anyone at that time.

I watched a couple of episodes of The Wire before it went off again, this time it was from a different number, but both were from the UK.

Again I let it ring off but this time rang the number back. It was bloody Carphone Warehouse! I know my phone is due for an upgrade so I guess they are trying to get me to sign up for another contract. That is something I will sort out when I return to the UK.

Once Tina was awake, we showered then went downstairs for our final breakfast the Hofsas Hotel before returning to pack and check out. As as happened in all the hotels we have stayed in the price I was quoted was lower than the actual room rate as they always add on tourist and local taxes. Although not a great deal extra it all adds up over the period of two weeks.

We drove down the road to fill the car with petrol before heading south towards Los Angeles. Tina said bye bye to Creepsville, I was pleased I visited but would probably not bother coming back again.

As we left the town, my mobile phone went again; the same number as before but this time I answered it but didn’t speak. They soon hung up. We initially drove the 68 and then joined the Highway 101 which was to take us half of the five hour journey. We stopped at King City to get some lunch and visit the restrooms, before continuing our road trip south, on the 46 and then the Interstate 5, stopping again just before joining for another toilet break at a McDonalds.

Just before we stopped we drove passed fields and fields of ‘donkey’s’ (not sure if that is the right term for them?) which are iconic structures and I believe are used to bring oil up to the surface. Anyhow, we saw loads and loads of them!

No sooner had we started off on the I5 when we suddenly hit a traffic jam, the first major one of the holiday, excepting the rush hour traffic in LA. The cause was the two-lane highway going down to one lane causing a twenty minute delay in getting through. Once we got passed that it was plain sailing from then on although the stops and traffic jam added an extra forty five minutes to our journey time. Just before we arrive my phone rang once more, again a call from the Carphone Warehouse. Persistent or what!

We quickly found our hotel, but for the first time this trip had let us down as the hotel were unaware of our reservation. A quick call to them sorted it out and we were soon in our room. I made a much needed jug of coffee from the room supplies whilst Tina began to empty the cases in preparation for packing them ready for our journey home tomorrow.

It didn’t take long to pack them both back up again, there seems more space in them yet we haven’t really discarded much during our stay. After a short rest we decided to go for some dinner. As it happens there was an Aussie Outlook restaurant right next door to the hotel, and although I had vowed we wouldn’t go back to another, we did!

Again, the food was excellent and really good value. I had the BBQ ribs with a salad whilst Tina had chicken. The restaurant was very crowded, we suspect many people stopping there on the way to their holiday destinations (it’s Memorial Day on Monday so this weekend, like ours is a holiday weekend).

We returned to the hotel where we watched some TV and planned what we were going to do on our last day in California tomorrow. The car has to be returned by 5pm so we have pretty much a whole day to spend in Los Angeles, although I have suggested we go visit Malibu Beach.

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