Day 13

Wednesday 25th May 2011


Another good nights sleep, the earplugs really do work.

Last night Tina and I watched a movie I had downloaded onto my iPad prior to travelling. We had firstly started watching American TV but it’s not very good, although there are channels to choose from. Actually it’s all crap! Anyhow we watched Sherlock Holmes starring Robert Downey Jnr.

Today was moving on day and so after breakfast we packed our cases up again and checked out, not before I retrieved the car from the car park. We agreed to take scenic route down to our next stop, Carmel-by-the-sea via Highway 1. This road takes the pacific coast road along some beautiful stretches of countryside, but as the weather was poor, wet and misty it was difficult to see much at times. The pacific ocean didn’t look too inviting either with Tina remarking that it looked like the sea does at Hunstanton, brown and murky!

Still it was a nice change from driving the main highways and not too busy with traffic. There are also some pretty remote beaches along the stretch but not many people were using them, understandably.

We stopped briefly at lunchtime for a coffee and comfort break and at the same time used an ATM to get out some more dollars as we were getting short of cash. Once back on the road it wasn’t long before we reached our hotel, The Hofsus House, which was number six on our road trip.
Carmel-by-the-sea is very quaint, as is the hotel, with views looking out onto the Pacific Ocean, although when we arrived it was raining so not a lot could be seen. The town is a load of boutique shops, restaurants and hotels all crammed into a space of about a mile square, with a beach on the edge. All a bit strange really.

We rested and then took a short walk around Carmel, but the rain started again so we abandoned the exploring and instead drove to nearby Monterey to an outlet shopping mall, the Del Monte Center. We bought a couple more presents before stopping for a Starbucks cafe latte. We then drove back to the hotel.

Tina had a bit of a kip then we decided to walk back into Carmel to find somewhere to eat. We’d see a place called the Hogs Breath Inn in the maps we’d been given and apparently it had been previously owned by former mayor Clint Eastwood.

As it happened it was the first restaurant we came across so we thought we’d give it a go. Tina ordered mushroom soup and I had steamed artichoke, the only gluten-free option and too be fair it was OK, as this sort of starter would not have been my first choice. For our main courses Tina ordered a Dirty Harry burger whilst I plumped for a New York Steak, which was much better than last nights Hard Rock Cafe effort. Anyhow, I vowed that was going to be my last steak as I’d eaten far too much red meat whilst on this holiday.

We then strolled down to the beach, where with lots of others, watched the sun go down over the pacific ocean. Tina was not very impressed, as she said it goes down every night! She can be so unromantic sometimes!

We walked back up the hill to our hotel to retire for the rest the evening.

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