Day 7

Tuesday 17th November 2009

Had a lay in this morning; didn’t wake up until 4.45am 🙂 Lay in bed until 7.30am before getting up for shave and shower before going to get some breakfast. Matt then stirred and went and got some more!

After breakfast we loaded the bags into the car and headed off to Miami. The weather was overcast but warm.

We set off down Interstate 95 before joining the Florida Turnpike. Soon after joining we stopped at a service station for a comfort break and to fill up with petrol.

We drove a while on the Turnpike before I decided to come off and drive down the 95 instead. This runs parallel to the Interstate Highway but is toll free. We made good progress and were soon at Miami so I decided to drive to Miami Beach.

By the time the temperatures were in the 80’s, too hot to amble around so we made a quick visit to the beach. We walked past a few of the famous Art Deco buildings Miami is known for but Matt wasn’t interested so we walked back to the car.

We set the sat nav for the rental returns, stopping off first to fill the car up for the final time. We dropped off the car, getting charged $59 for the fuel I used on the previous car and then boarded a bus to the departures terminal. There was a bit of a wait at first as the check-in desk was not open.The check-in desks opened on time and we collected our boarding passes before getting rid of our luggage. We had a look in the duty free but couldn’t see the perfumes Abby and Tina wanted so we went through security to the departure lounge. I did ask at the check-in for an upgrade but they said it wasn’t policy to give them at the desk, no perks for working for Virgin then. We visited the duty free in the lounge and found some perfume for both Abby and Tina so I bought them. We then settled down with a milkshake for the next couple of hours until boarding.

We boarded the plane slightly later that planned and settled down for the return flight home. Firstly we were served dinner; I had to ask for my GF dinner as they had forgotten it. It was salmon, not my favourite. The flight was quicker on the return leg but as expected did not manage to sleep.