Day 4

Saturday 14th November 2009

Good sleep waking at 4.30am. Texted Tina and updated diary.

At 7.30 got up for a shower before going to the hotel’s reception to get some breakfast. They offered pastries (no good for me of course), orange juice and fresh coffee. Got back to the room and made some more coffee and ate some cornflakes with the dried creamer from the coffee making facilities with some water, served out of a plastic cup.

I woke Matt up at 8.30am and he ate the pastries and had a shower before we headed out to try and find a boat to go snorkeling on.

Drove along the US1 towards Key Largo looking for somewhere to go snorkeling when I spotted the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park so I drove without knowing what was there. Luckily it was just what we wanted and so we booked onto a snorkeling expedition that lasted two and a half hours and left at midday. We collected our flippers and masks and then did some practice snorkeling before getting something to eat.

We boarded the boat just after noon and soon were taken to the reefs where we spend an hour snorkeling.

I had bought an underwater camera and took a load of pictures which will need developing when we get home. The reefs were full of fish and you could get up really close to them. We both tried diving down to the reefs but our buoyancy kept us at the surface. I took a photo of the bronze statue of Jesus which was put there by locals a few years ago. On the way back to the shore Matt and I went up front and soon dried off in the breeze.

On our return we stopped for a drink before heading back to the hotel for a shower. Luckily the WiFi in the room was now working so I could update my phone and do some tweeting.

We left the hotel around 4.30pm, firstly to fill up with fuel then to go and watch a Keys sunset. I pulled up to the petrol station and tried to fill up only to mess up using the card. I then had to leave my credit card with the cashier. I filled the tank up (it was on half) and was surprised it only cost $30, extremely cheap.

We drove along west trying to find somewhere to stop and see a sunset but were unsuccessful. We turned around and found the place ‘Outbacks’ an Australian restaurant for an early dinner.The menu was again good, but I had to ask the waiter about the ingredients as much seemed to have flour or gluten in them. We agreed to try an Aussie starter Tuna (which was lovely) and I had a New York Steak with a jacket potato and salad. Matt had a burger. We left and drove back to the hotel, watching some TV and packing our bags ready for an early start in the morning. A really good day!