Day 2

Thursday 12th November 2009

Woke at 12.30am, body clock still in UK time as it would be 5.30am over there. Dosed till 2.30am before deciding to update my diary.

The sun came up at around 6.30am so I took a look out of the hotel bedroom and saw the Miami Beach view. Lovely. Matt stirred at 7am but dosed for a while.

Went to the restaurant associated with the hotel for breakfast, I had scrambled egg and bacon and Matt had pancakes with maple syrup.

We then drove to bayside, a shopping area close to the harbour. I parked the car in a multi-story and walked to the shops. Unfortunately everything was shut so we set the sat nav for another shopping mall but when we got there it wasn’t much good either. It was at this point I noticed a dent in the passenger side of the car. Matt seemed to think it wasn’t there before. Damn that’ll probably mean we lose our deposit. We drove to another, this time I drove on the toll road without paying, apparently a $100 fine for doing so. Again I’ll have to see about that one too!
We eventually found a large shopping area called Dolphin Mall and was enormous but still didn’t find any clothes for Matt.

We set off for Lincoln Rd where Tina said there was a webcam, which we eventually found but Tina said she did not see us.

We then drove back to Bayside, getting hit with a number of tolls on the way. We had some lunch before boarding a boat, the Miami Lady to go around the Miami harbour where there are many islands with millionaire mansions built.

As the weather was cloudy today, it got quite breezy out on the water and I was glad to get back onto land and shelter from the wind. We drove back to the hotel for a rest before going back out for dinner.

We drove to Lincoln Road and parked in a multistory, I firstly went the wrong way, had to reverse then bumped up a kerb before parking up. We walked into the pedestrian area and found a great restaurant called Nexxt. The menu was extensive and the place was very busy, and when we saw the size of the meals being served we could see why. Unfortunately I soon realised that much of the menu was cooked with sauce and the waiter soon confirmed that most things were cooked with flour. We ordered Nachos, which I felt confident would be OK. Matt ordered a pizza for his main course, whilst I went for a steak again, this time with salad. Firstly the starter or aperitif as they like to call them. When it arrived it was massive, and too be honest it would have done four of us not just two. Matt and I managed to polish off most of it though. The main courses took a while to arrive, Matt’s first and then mine ten minutes later after the waiter admitted he forgot to order it. The steak was lovely and Matt managed to finish off all of his pizza. We paid the bill $65 with a tip and then left.

Tina had suggested we try to find Miami Ink so we walked along Washington Avenue, walking straight past it before realising our mistake and doubling back. Matt posed outside the window, which was surprisingly still open even that late at night. No Chris Garver from what we could see.

It felt a bit out of the tourist trail so we soon made our way back to the car, after struggling to get the car park ticket authorised. We drove straight back to the hotel, returning about 11pm, then to bed.