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Brilliant through and through…

What a month or so.

Having arrived back from my holiday break in the United States where I experienced the brashness of Las Vegas, sights of Hollywood and the beauty and magnitude of the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park, it was straight up to Manchester for me for some Simply Brilliant training.

I didn’t really known too much about the course, other than what I had been briefed by my manager and what I had gleaned from others. My Manager had been positive about it and so I went with an open mind, determined to enjoy it and get as much as I could from the time away from the office.

The session was split into two parts; the first was entitled ‘Simply Brilliant Customer Experience’ which all our Access Field Engineers will be attending in 2011.
The course has been designed around their roles it covers how they interact with internal and external customers and was a great insight into how small changes in what we do day to day can improve the customer experience overall, leading to better relationships and ultimately improved NPS.

The second part of the course was more around reaffirming the leadership and coaching skills that I need to concentrate on to help my team be ‘Simply Brilliant’ people.
Along with other Access Operations Managers we covered a number of topics that would help us improve team engagement. The course was relaxed but challenging at times and will certainly help me to ensure my team are able to get the benefit of attended the course later on.

From Manchester, my next stop was to start the rollout of the Field Support Automation 2 (FSA2) to our Field Engineers using the Aeroprise solution. I had been involved in the ongoing trials of the automated maintenance project using an updated Remedy version and so was pleased to be selected to become a trainer for the rollout to engineers in the Midlands.
Firstly, I attended a train the trainer session where I went through the new software our engineers will be using via their new Blackberry Bold mobile phones. This new device enables engineers to receive their work through the Aeroprise client, which talks directly with Remedy allowing real-time updates, efficient dispatch of faults and scheduled tasks and as a result will help drive NPS. It will also ensure our engineers have improved tools to look after ‘The Daddy of all Networks’.

A great deal of work had gone into the engagement for the rollout of this, making the training sessions straightforward to deliver. All the engineers that had been invited to attend had been sent a couple of e-mails asking them to do some ‘homework’ before arriving in the form of an Ignite training module titled ‘An Introduction of FSA’. This helped to familiarize themselves with their new shiny gadget, the screens and the new way they will be getting their maintenance and faults. One of the mails also included a link to a video [add link to video on sharepoint] that had been made a couple of weeks ago which I had completely forgotten about, which included footage of me extolling the virtues of the new FSA system. Maybe I should have taken a copy with me when I visited Hollywood…or maybe not! Anyhow ‘Red’ was very complementary over my comments!

And so on to the first training sessions which were held at Lichfield, where I and fellow subject matter expert (SME) Mark Clift rolled out the first batch of Blackberry’s and the training to Mark’s team. Running the sessions was a bit daunting at first, but the engineers were very responsive and feedback was positive, and other than a couple of technical issues, the attendees left with their Blackberry’s buzzing with their first jobs in the fault queue. Brilliant!

The next day and it was off to Coventry to deliver the training to my team. I had been impressed with the background logistics that had ensured the Blackberry’s were ready for us to rollout, Marcus Wilcox and the project team working long hours to get the +700 devices sorted. Again, the training went smoothly; Mark & I really had the delivery of the course honed and well polished and although some the team was apprehensive about using the device for the first time, they all let with their Blackberry’s set up and ready to go.

With another four or five training courses still to deliver and ‘Your Story’ meetings scheduled shortly afterwards, it’s going to be a busy couple of weeks ahead. But it will all be worthwhile to ensure we have brilliant people, with brilliant tools to enable them to deliver brilliant customer service. Brilliant!