Big Bonus Baby

Once again my company has performed well in 2011, exceeding targets in many areas and continuing to grow despite the downturn in the economy. It seems that despite record unemployment numbers and the country finances in turmoil, people still want fast broadband and to watch TV on out flagship product TiVo. In fact one of the reasons why we are getting a bonus is the success of the TiVo product, demand outstripped our ability to install the boxes; I guess that is a great position to be in. And hopefully 2012 should be just as good if we deliver the ‘double speed’ broadband announced last month.

Once again this year’s bonus is a healthy amount, it should pay off a few debts and hopefully they’ll be a bit left over for a holiday too.

This year I must remember not to text Abby like I did last year resulting in some of it getting diverted into the kids accounts.  I just hope they don’t read this anytime soon 🙂

Two site blogger…recalled again

You may remember I posted a blog a few months ago stating I had been asked to submit a company blog about a particularly busy time I had at work in June. It was finally published at the end of July and feedback from those that read it was positive, but I didn’t think it went down that well and didn’t expect a recall.

Well, amazingly  I have been asked to write another!

Again, I was given a steer on the topic to cover (I wish I had someone who prompted me on what to write on my blogs, I would be knocking out daily entries) and so today I knocked out my latest offering and sent it off for submission.  Not likely to make the ‘2011 Virgin Media Blog Writer of the year Award’ (if there is such a accolade) but a true account of a day in Coventry in July.

As was last time, I assume the VM Internal Comms people will need to give it the once over, but hopefully it will remain as is and my words will be immortalised on the company intranet for ever more.  I’m unsure when it will be published, but as before you can take a sneak preview at using the link above or by clicking here.