And all from a phone…

I was up early yesterday, not because I was anticipating hundreds of birthday cards to open but because I always get up really early, even on a weekend. And even on my birthday!

I decided to take advantage of the lovely morning and go for a walk with Rio so I took him down the field on the other side of the River Nene which leads to the old railway line. I firstly negotiated the High Street and Islip bridge, which was really slippery in the ice and was especially difficult as I was being led by a dog that knew he was heading in a direction that meant ‘play’. The field is great for letting him off his lead as there are not normally too many dog walkers and plenty of room for him to get a runaround.

Yesterday was especially good as there was still lots of snow on the ground and he was able to bound around like a mad thing, chasing snow balls that I was throwing at him :). He also enjoyed digging  through the snow, either looking for rabbits or moles, I’m not quite sure, but digging all the same!

Anyhow whilst he was playing I was also able to take some photos. I took some not only of him but the of the frost-laden landscape, which looked spectacular with the winter sun low in the sky. What I didn’t realise at the time though that the temperatures were between minus ten and minus five degrees Celsius which was why the the frost covered the whole of the trees making them look very spectacular! Although I only had with me my iPhone camera with it’s limited capability I was still able to capture some picturesque shots and am quite pleased with the results. It is incredible that you can get such detail and resolution in a camera built into a mobile phone.

Just as I was leaving I saw a couple walking towards the field laden with their SLR cameras. I wonder if they were able to get any better shots that I did with my iPhone?

The forecasters said it would snow…

And it did!

It has been talked about for days and everyone has been on high alert to ensure they are fully prepared for the wintery download from the sky. The weather persons (you can’t call them men now) have been predicting this for about a week now and for once they were right.

The gantry signs on the main roads have been warning us that ‘severe weather’ was coming and that ‘gritting is in progress’. My Blackberry has been getting e-mail updates from our Network Management Centre detailing the likelihood of snow affecting the roads which might prevent engineers travelling to faults and my iPad weather station saying there would be a 99% chance of snow by 9pm.

We got a text from Abby who was in Birmingham saying that it was snowing there at lunchtime today…and settling.

At 4pm I took a snap shot of the weather radar view on my iPad and it showed the snow very close to us but not quite arriving. I also took a photo of the sky which looked dark but with no snow at that time.

iPad weather station

Dark skies

The red dot is us







At 6pm we had a light covering and Rio had to eat his dinner with a carpet of the white stuff.







By 10pm there was a pretty heavy covering. Abby texted to say in Birmingham they had about 4 inches of snow.







Rio then went out and encountered his first deep snow and loved it, staying out and playing for quite a while. Both Tina and I video’d him taking his first steps.

And so to this morning where I looked out onto the garden to see further snow had fallen after we’d gone to bed. Rio now loves the snow and for once I’m not too bothered about him digging holes as they’ll be gone once the snow has melted 🙂







This morning I will attempt to take Rio for a walk in the snow, now that will be fun!