Photos from Australia

I thought I’d add a few of the photos I took with my DSLR whilst we were in Australia last month as the only ones published during the trip were from my iPhone. I must admit though that the quality of the images from the camera phone were exceptional and have given my Canon a run for it’s money. Having said that the phone did cost more than the camera!








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Photo Books

It has always been a concern of mine as to the way to store and show photographs following the digital camera revolution.

With the advent of good quality cameras on mobile phones as well as the increase in compact and DSLR cameras the amount of pictures now taken is more than ever, but most reside on hard drives, memory cards and backup disks hidden away from view.

I realise that with the improvements and cost reductions in LCD screens there has been an influx in cheap digital photo frames, but in my experience you only tend to put a few favourite pictures on them. And in the case of my frame in the living room it rarely gets switched on.

I have of course got a decent printer, which enables to print off some good prints to display, but again this is in low volumes and can be quite time-consuming if you were to print your holiday snaps.

But the one thing I do miss from the digital revolution is the good old fashion photo album and the ability to flick through photos at leisure in a book. When our kids were young we created baby photo albums for both of them and occasionally it is great to dig them out and reminisce about when they didn’t answer back. The fact that the photos are put together with thought and occasionally words added underneath makes them personal. But you can’t really do that now with pictures on computer screens.

So what I started doing a couple of years ago was to make use of online services that create photo books for special occasions or holiday pictures. The services allow you to upload your pix to their servers, create your album using their software and then they professionally produce good quality photo albums and post them to you. And feedback from those people I’ve shown them to has been positive.

The only issue is the cost. When I first started using this type of service it was new and therefore many of the companies were competing with each other on price and you could a decent amount of photos in a book for less than forty quid. But I have just created an album from our Egypt holiday using the Jessops software and when I added it to the shopping basket it was priced at a whopping one hundred and fifty pounds. I removed it from the basket.

I think I will just add them to the photo frame in the living room instead or I guess I could send away for prints and stick them in an album myself.