Bond In Motion

0990F7B5-D170-4CC7-8A20-1B69BFB17EEF_1_105_cThis weekend Tina and I escaped the incessant talk of Coronavirus and spent the weekend in London.

The main reason we went up town was to visit the Bond In Motion Exhibition at the London Film Museum in Covent Garden, which was displaying a number of vehicles and other items from the iconic movie series.

9BECF3F2-6F72-4BFA-97CD-1DDA501EA0C6_1_105_cHaving grown up with James Bond throughout my life, hearing that there was a chance to see some of the cars and other props that have been used in the films over the years was an opportunity that just couldn’t be missed. Whilst I’m no car buff, it was good to see the Aston Martin DB5 and the Lotus Esprit S1, the car that could drive underwater.

9A23C2C6-350C-42E1-9008-5E25EC384573_1_105_cRoger Moore has always been my favourite so it was particularly pleasing to see that many of the exhibits of the films that he made. I know that many think Sean Connery was the iconic Bond, but for me Roger came along at a time when I really was most impressionable and I loved the comedic element his films brought to the franchise.

His second film, The Man With The Golden Gun, was particularly memorable and when I saw a hand-drawn storyboard of the scene where he jumped the river in a car. 4E4553A2-E338-4EC0-90D0-6C86BA83756E_1_105_cThis has to be one of my favourite and best remembered scenes and to see it sketched out in its original concept was great. Whilst the actual jump was pretty corny, I loved the comedy element of the scene so it was equally pleasing when we continued through the exhibition to find the actual car on display, with the movie clip playing behind it. Great!

After spending a good hour or so in the basement, we then had a browse around the small shop selling lots of Bond memorabilia, and I shelled out for a book called ‘The James Bond Archives’, a compendium of 1000’s of pictures and articles on all 24 films made by EON, the production company responsible for the franchise and putting on the exhibition.

As we walked back to the station to come home, we both agreed the visit was enjoyable and decided that a Bond-fest was in order so we could spot the various cars and other props we’d seen.