Photos from Australia

I thought I’d add a few of the photos I took with my DSLR whilst we were in Australia last month as the only ones published during the trip were from my iPhone. I must admit though that the quality of the images from the camera phone were exceptional and have given my Canon a run for it’s money. Having said that the phone did cost more than the camera!








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A year to remember or forget?

The weeks turn into months and before long another year goes by; with the last twelve months having some ups and probably more downs overall.

Last year we celebrated Abby’s wedding on a scorching hot day in July but were soon brought down to earth following the death of Tina’s dad, who didn’t really recover from the fall he had the previous winter.

A week in Turkey in September finished off the summer and set us up for the long and wet winter to come. In December we booked our next holiday; planning the November 2014 trip carefully to ensure we get to see as much as we can. Christmas and the New Year came and went and before long it was my fiftieth birthday, enjoying a wonderful time in London, visiting the Shard and a posh restaurant.  In March my dad suffered his second Pulmonary Embolism (PE), spending his birthday in hospital, although there was an added bonus of being able to speak to him for the first time in six months following the fallout I’d had with my mum.

In April I changed my job and after seventeen years of managing a team, I went to only having myself to worry about. And I’ve loved every minute of it!

Tina’s fiftieth soon arrived in May and again we headed for London, with Tina being able to tick off one of her bucket list items, namely having Tea at the Ritz. In fact she managed to tick another off shortly afterwards when her and Matt went to the Wimbledon Tennis Championships and saw Nadal and Federer play. Now she wants to go again!

dad abby tina matt chloe at pubIn July, the biggest shock to hit the family was the unexpected death of my mum; incredibly having a PE similar to my dad had earlier in the year but unfortunately not so lucky to survive it. Of course I went through many emotions including sadness, guilt and regret, especially as the last time I’d spoken to her was shortly after Tina’s dad’s funeral the previous August. And as she was the main carer for my disabled dad we knew we had some tough days to come in sorting out his future well being. The family rallied around him, getting through the funeral and working through the various options we had to take. In the end we opted for live-in care, using a company that specialises in providing carers for people in my dad’s situation. The option is not cheap though and with no financial or care help from the authorities, the long-term future of this choice is far from clear.

In August I did my first ever sailing in the Solent and loved it. Not sure whether I can afford to take it up as a pastime though and we live a bit too far from the sea!

And so today sees the end of the full year of the above ups and downs and I’m now looking positively to the future.

Our Australia trip is getting closer and closer; even Tina seems to be getting excited and is even talking about doing the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb and a helicopter ride over Uluru, or Ayres Rock in old money.

And even Rio is starting to calm down now he has reached his third birthday (well he will do next week and of course he still has his mad moments!).