Beardie McBeardface

Firstly Happy New Year to my loyal reader (Marky) and any other casual visitors 🙂

So after 35 years of being clean shaven I decided just before Christmas to try growing a beard. No particular reason other than I fancied a change of look and with no work for two weeks it would be an ideal time to try.

Having never gone more than a week of being unshaven it does feel strange to have this growth on my face and I’m still unsure whether it will remain in the long term, but for now it’s here to stay.

It has caused some concern from Tina as she says I look like the local tramp and so I need to ensure I steer clear of any rubbish bins when out walking Rio for fear of becoming a bin-diver.

One thing that has got me thinking is keeping it clean; should I use shampoo or will soap and water suffice?  And what about getting food in it, I need to watch that one.

The biggest worry was whether it would grow through grey and so far it does seem to be more silver than I was expecting but I am still retaining some darker colours too. Fingers crossed it won’t go fully white or I’ll be up for taking on the Santa job at the local garden centre next Christmas!

Anyhow here’s progress to date…


2 thoughts on “Beardie McBeardface

  1. I agree with Tina: you look like a tramp. 🙂

    I’m not man enough to grow a beard -- not that I think I’d ever want to -- so I can’t comment on the hygiene aspects, but, just like spectacles, beards suit some faces and not others.

    I think you might actually look quite dapper with the full David Bellamy!

  2. I will admit it is looking a bit tramp-like still.

    I’ll give it another couple of weeks and if it doesn’t fill out any more then I may have to attack it with a razor!

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