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I keep posting photos on Instagram and Facebook forgetting that I have my blog to add them too.

Here are a few of my recent efforts…


Eagle owl being shown at a steam rally we visited recently. The light levels were low as they were in a tent and I didn’t think it was appropriate to get my tripod out 🙂

dog and ducks

Another shot from the steam rally where there was a sheep dog demo. It was really tough to get the ducks and dogs in shot and focus and in the end I had to crop to remove the background crowd.


I love macro photography (a proper macro lens and ring flash is on my wish list). DSLR’s struggle with reds but these berries have come out quite well.

Passion Flower

I love the look of the passion flower but they are buggers to photograph. This was probably the best as I used a narrow aperture (f20) to try to keep everything in focus.


Probably the best macro shot of the session, this spider kept moving so it was a struggle to keep it’s body and legs sharp. I love the fact that you can see the hairs on its legs and the two white spots on its abdomen (which I assume is some sort of sign to ward off predators)

2 thoughts on “More Photos

  1. Some good ones there. I like the owl, particularly.
    Unlike you, macro doesn’t do anything for me, but then it’s horses for courses, isn’t it?

    But, you’re making me want to get my camera out… and I haven’t got time!

  2. Thanks Marky,

    It’s probably the first time for a long while that I actually want to go out with my camera all the time. And I’m constantly now looking for things to photograph.

    I need to also plan a photography session in London sometime; never done that before but I think it would be worth a trip now I have the bug again.

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